…to returning home, and to the beginning of school-related duties. I watched a dolphin undulating its way parallel to the beach until it finally left my sight.  Today’s project is insane and no way to do scholarship, until one remembers how many little details need to be checked and rechecked and sought and entered.  So, today’s project is to find what lies on either end of the en-dash:  year of birth, year of death.  For about 80 significant Muslims through the centuries.  Why do I get the feeling that that terror of all scholarly terrors, Wikipedia, is going to be the first hit on Google?  Of course, I am of the mind that like it or not, students use it, so let’s make it somewhat accurate, unlike the recent article on Akbar, Moghul emperor, which when I last checked, seemed rife with sectarian identity politics.

So, off I go, hunting for dates.  But a blueberry-cranberry muffin first (thanks for your well-stocked freezer, my absentee hostess!).