So that didn’t quite work, at least not per my intention for that day.  I thought finding the birth and death dates would be a quick way to get a lot of entries started, for my book on bios of famous Muslims.  Ha! the very first one I looked up caught my attention–well, how could it not, it was the entry for Abbas Kiarostami–and four hours later, I had a draft bio.  At which point, I stopped for lunch, a nap, a walk on the beach, and back to work on another writing project.two pelicans

That happened every single day I tried to stop just at getting the dates down. Invariably, my curiosity would lead me to read, my innate sense of oh, I want to share this, would lead me to write it down, my consciousness of time would get lighter, and a desire for a cup of tea or a bite to eat would bring me back to see that I had the beginnings of a draft.

So, ironically, a much larger aim is getting accomplished, which is, after all, to get the entries to a first draft.  And this is exactly how one deals with the fear associated with writing:  pick one very small doable action, and see what happens.

As of today:  47 entries done.  That is a good number, for reasons known only to a select group of people who may or may not also be Trekkies.