Back at the beach for 48 stolen hours. An overcast day; the foghorn is blowing. Much cooler than the Inland Empire–a welcome respite from Saturday’s heat.

Seagulls and Sandpipers

Saturday was spent listening to reports from the field:  how scripture is being signified in various Latino Christian and Muslim communities.  An afternoon keynote from the author of Gutenberg Nation, followed by a panel discussion. My head hurt from all the technical language being used as my “translation” capacities went into overdrive; how to find time to keep up with the literature that talks about “interruptions”, “desires”, “projects” “queering”–and these terms I remember only because i have a faltering foothold.  The ones that I don’t–well, I don’t remember those at all now, do i!!!

But Friday is the day to remember.  Friday I had a stack high enough that my esteemed chair said, ah, two binders then.  In taking stock from a cv to see what if anything I had written since 2000, the last thing I expected was to be able to fill one binder, let alone two.  The question is, is it worth the paper it is written on?  Especially as that paper will have to multiply itself sevenfold (and exactly how many trees is that?).  We’ll find out soon enough what the learned council to whom these binders will be sent have to say.  Their opinions notwithstanding, it is what I learned writing the stuff–and what I include to teach in my classes as a result that addresses the question first and foremost and most immediately.  So Friday is a day to remember because i saw the physical dimensions of my published intellectual footprints.

Now to recharge, regroup, and return to a semester cresting before it falls in a frenzy to its end.