So I’ve had all these reports thrown at me—the most recent being The Asia Foundation’s Survey of the Afghan People, and my eyes are glazing over at all the data presented in narrative and in tabular form, and the humanist in me cries out for qualitative analysis. I’ve been reading grant proposals and concept papers that try to get at how to engage in community based development that will cut across various sectors such as human and infrastructure development, natural resource management, market development, gender mainstreaming, poverty alleviation—and I see how cross-cutting an enterprise development is—no wonder they talk about MIAD (Multi Input Area Development) and SLA (Sustainable Livelihoods Approach) and M4P (Making Markets Work For the Poor), etc. in preparing people to lead their own development. And everyone seems to use the words indicators and disaggregate. Hunh?

It is a very steep learning curve.

And I am terrified about how on earth I will produce a report that will certainly not be written in development jargon. Or be intelligible even to myself. Talk about feeling like one is in over one’s head.

Well, 4-day field trip coming up!

Every balcony is advertising some medical specialization

Every balcony is advertising some medical specialization